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Adam Carson

The "Other White Meat" Pirate

The Adam Carson Community
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Yoho, Adam community.

This community is made for the lovely pirate of AFI, Adam Carson. If you love him and AFI, join. If you don't, go away.


1. Yeah, this is an Adam community, but you can talk about AFI too. You are NOT going to walk the plank for that.
2. Don't bash, thrash, insult etc. any of the members in this community. We all love Adam, spread the Adam love.

And if you have any questions or comments, post them or IM me at secret agent 336 or IM good__will at I Am Scary Spice. Via AIM though. Or email me at pinkninjaxcore@yahoo.com, or good__willat herald_frankenstein@yahoo.com . AND NO FORWARDS, duh.

Moderated by: outof_fashion and good__will